Neck Program 1.0

3 pronged approach to tackle neck painĀ 

Tired of that stiff neck?

Have to turn like Frankenstein when someone's behind you?

Hours at the computer have you feeling weak and tired?

You're in luck.

Neck Program 1.0 is a 3 pronged approach

You now have a solution for:

  1. Mobility
  2. Strength
  3. Pain Relief


Usually the stiffest part of the neck is the upper region - the base of the skull

That's unfortunate since HALF of your ability to look to either side comes from that area

We focus our exercises here to improve that motion.

We also focus on that upper back, a very common area people complain about.


You'll perform slow, controlled movements in all the directions the neck makes

These muscles are often neglected

You can change that with out plan in less than 5 minutes a day

Pain Relief

Traction is a very great tool for pain relief, we demonstrate 2 options you can use to find your best option

Daily traction is great, especially combined with relaxation drills, to reduce neck pain.

Take control of your neck today!

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